Guidelines That A Good Manager Can Use To Successfully Manage Virtual Teams

05 Jun

Given the increase in the number of people who work from home today, there is an increasing need for effective management of remote workers to ensure that targets are met and tasks are accomplished.  Here are a few tips that managers today can use to effectively handle virtual teams.

As a good manager, one should always remember to organize physical meetings as part of managing virtual teams.  Organizing physical meetings from time to time is important since it essentially provides a platform for all the employees of the company to meet and interact, take part in something together or even have fun thus enabling them to feel that they are part of something, part of a team and this would eventually lead to improved productivity.  Depending on what the manager wants to achieve through this meeting, he or she can decide the nature of the meeting, whether it will be a formal venture such as an annual conference where they discuss the progress of work and the progress of the goals of the company so far as per that year, or whether it will be of an informal nature such as a retreat or annual party where the main objective is usually for the employees to interact, have fun, and feel more comfortable with each other as they celebrate the achievements of that year for a better work environment in the future.  Virtual workers reap the most benefits out of these meetings since the meeting gives them the platform to meet their colleagues, to interact with them and feel like they are a part of something and this would be translated into their work with higher productivity since they will be happier working.

As a good manager, one should also come up with communication charters for all remote workers to comply with.  As per these communication charters, the employees would usually be required to send regular updates of the work done, preferable daily to you so that it will be easier to keep track of the jobs done and to ensure that they are being done correctly.  However, these updates are better made short and precise for ease of work on both the manager and the employees.

Yet another factor that one should look into is making use of apps such as messenger apps or document apps to make communication easier.  By using these apps, the manager at is able to make communication easier and faster since the employees can have questions and concerns answered immediately and files can also be shared through these apps thus increasing transparency.

Therefore, by using the above guidelines, one can create systems and processes that they can use to manage virtual teams effectively. You can also watch this video at for more info about business.

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